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hello wonderful world. i havent updated this in a i still love skywarp btw. in march of last year i started working as a pet stylist and it has been a lot of fun. im learning alot and my coworkers are nice even though i had some not so pleasant coworkers in the beginning. recently i helped build a guinea pig cage, that was needlessly complicated but it was cool. love my store manager alot, she's chill. im trying to convince her to throw a pizza party, let's hope it works. yay.



yesterday i woke up hungry at 10pm and made a turkey and spinach wrap and went back to sleep 💤 i woke up again at 10 am and ate 3 pickles and a dozen peanuts. a little later i had some cranberry juice and lots of water. this diet is primitive but i am full. i do not think you should eat pickle and cranberry juice within 30 minutes of eachother. stomachache.. i was asked to write a grocery list and i mainly wrote ingredients to make a killer sandwich (LOL) tomorrow we are going to the store hopefully it’s ok


i went to the thrift store with my friend today and found this. its a limited edition carousel collectible and ive wanted to buy one lately so i was lucky to find one so cheap ^_^ i cleaned it but this is from when i just got home heh






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